HOA Properties


We specialize in a variety of services for HOAs. We perform multi-family repaints from ten units up to over a thousand unit condominiums for large and small HOAs. We also paint many of the common areas for single family home HOAs.

Retail Shopping Center

Retail / Shopping Centers

Retail shopping centers need a lot of preventive maintenance, upkeep, and companies who can work around their storefront customers and employees. A&F painted numerous amount of shopping plazas from independently owned to large national corporate retail centers.

Orlando Office Building

Office Buildings

Painting an office building can be a challenge for some painters. A&F Painting can paint a wide range of offices from the highest building in Orlando to a one story office the size of a small home. We pride ourselves on being able to provide quality service on multiple types of buildings and layouts at a competitive price.

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Orlando Hotels 1


Hotels take a qualified company to paint their exterior. Many hotels have corporate colors, specific designs, requests on how to interact with the guests, being clean everyday, and many more requirements. There have been to many times when we have seen a hotel go with the lowest bid. We are strongly trying to change the...

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Theme Park Photo

Theme Parks

Painting projects on theme parks can be a very tricky undertaking.  A&F painting has worked for multiple theme parks directly and indirectly through General Contracors.  There are many different levels of  corporate read tape to when executing painting a new entrance to a ride, an actual roller coaster, or a bathroom. 

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